News "ClearPark for VirtueMart" available - Certification in progess
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Monday, 12 May 2008 09:05

"ClearPark for VirtueMart" is now packaged and the certification by ClearPark of the different version will start on 13 may 2008.

The actual versions of "ClearPark for VirtueMart" use the Html Form based payment method of VirtueMart (like paypal).

“ClearPark for VirtueMart” exists in several versions for which a brief description is provided below:

  • Entry edition is a very simple version that use a Form based (like paypal) mechanism.
    The entry edition does not provide any interface for the configuration.
    The user must change the form to put the ClearPark identifier.
  • Basic edition adds a configuration interface to automatically customize the Html Form.
  • Extended edition adds a multi-site dimension to the Basic edition.
    It allows the generation of unique order references for multiple sites and disposes of an order reference parser that allows verifying the order in the appropriate VirtueMart database.
    With this version, you can have multiple websites that send their payments to ClearPark with a single ClearPark verification platform.
    It allows to share the same ClearPark merchant account between your multiple sites.