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Add a payment system into your website is essential if you want convert your visitors into sales.
Integrate a payment system into your website has never been so simple.
Select the eBusiness solutions you want and pickup the corresponding Payment Service Provider (PSP) you want to use.
When done, we will propose the possible solutions availables.

A very inexpensive solution consists in using the open source VirtueMart eCommerce solution with the ClearPark Redirect Fast Track with addendum solution from ClearPark Payment Service Provider.
Its integration is very simple and very fast.
It consists in using the Joomla! installation menu and upload "ClearPark For ViruteMart" component.
When this is done, enter the ClearPark identifier you will receive once you have signed a contract with them.
As soon you have configured this component with the ClearPark merchant identifier, you can start receiving payments.

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