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Create a store on internet suppose you have an application allowing to present your "Front Office" and a tool to manage your "Back Office".
This kind of application is called an "eCommerce Solution".
An eCommerce solution allows you:

  • to manage the "front office".
    This is the part that is view by the customers and visitors;
  • to manage the "back office".
    This is the part that allows you to define and manage the catalog, the manufacturers, the prices and promotions, ...

Amoung all the "eCommerce Solutions" we have chosen VirtueMart because this is a free module that can be added into Joomla!.
VirtueMart allows you creating an eShop with basic functions.
It also exist providers like us that propose additional modules for VirtueMart.

Our consultants have expertise in VirtueMart module for Joomla! and can quickly helps you in devlopment of your eShop.